Aerospace Systems

  • Stress, fatigue, creep and dynamic analysis
  • Writing flight clearance reports and test specifications
  • Assessment and clearance of  concessions.

Structural Integrity

  • Leading the Structural Integrity Assessment of Critical Aerospace projects.
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of Actuation Systems used in fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Consultants Experience 

Support to Rolls-Royce Fans Systems Operating Business Unit:
  • Assessment of Fan Blade damage tolerance.
  • Concession and DAR investigations.
Support to Rolls-Royce Turbine Systems Operating Business Unit:
  • Leading and undertaking stress analysis on Turbine Vanes, Segments and Supporting Structures. 
  • Acting as Functional Coach - Stress, to the Vanes and Segments Group. 
  • Leading Product Development Assessment.

Responsible for work carried out on the following projects:

  • Ensuring critical components of a lift fan, for a VTOL military fixed wing aircraft, meet the structural integrity requirements for operational service, resulting in both a safe and efficient design. 
  • Ensuring the in-flight vibration characteristics of fan blades in a gas turbine engine were understood and accounted for to ensure safe service operation. 
  • Turbine blade life and in-service damage analysis on gas turbine engines. Ensuring a safe operation with maximum service life.

  • Updating the critical component lives in gas turbine engines. Ensuring a maximum Safe Life can be utilised by the customer.
  • Safety critical analysis work, for the Olympus engine in Concorde, to keep the aircraft flying safely.
  • Critical part life and in-service life monitoring analysis for gas turbine engines to ensure maximum utilisation by the customer is achieved.
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