Armour Systems

Armour Systems

  • Design and performance of Ceramic faced armour. 
  • Structural and environmental resistant vehicle armour. 
  • Blast and projectile resistant shelters.

Advanced Composites

Design, Structural analysis, assembly, manufacture and testing of advanced composites:
  • Aircraft Structures Land and Sea vehicles 
  • Pressure vessels
  • Dynamic applications

Body Armour

Design to a wide range of protection standards for the following threats:
  • Ballistic resistance. 
  • Stab and spike. 
  • Trauma attenuation. 

Use of combining flexible armour and rigid contoured plates to resist high velocity rifle fire including armour piercing ammunition.

Garment design for maximum comfort, coverage and body temperature management.

Risk assessments and vulnerability studies.

Consultants Experience

Designed and developed the following Armour installations:
  • Crash resistant crew seat buckets for the following helicopters: Chinook, S92 and Rooivalk. 
  • Paneling for the US Marine’s LCAC.
  • Blast resistant litter bin liners meeting PSDB requirements.

Designed and developed light weight structures for the following:

  • Vickers’ 4.5” Mark 8 Naval Gun Shield.
  • Pheonix RPV.
  • Sonar Buoy Dispenser.
  • Comanche -ultra light- movable armour panels

Additional Experience:

  • Believed to be the first to use Kevlar for body armour in the UK. 
  • Believed to be first to develop the 10x12in reinforced ceramic breast plate. 
  • Believed to be first to use Velcro for adjustable-fit jackets. 
  • Believed to be  first to successfully design a flexible anti stab armour; 25,000 concealed vests sold to the Metropolitan Police. 
  • Believed to be first to use active cooling (EOD suit).
  • Believed to be first to obtain a CE mark for Ambulance Crews.
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